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Peter Mew

Peter Mew has worked with:

This playlist sounds like:

The Air That I Breathe (2008 Digital Remaster)
The Hollies

Pop, Warm, Harmonious & Moderate

Musical Features
Evenstar (Album Version)
Howard Shore

Soundtrack, Major Key, Clear & Acoustic

Forth Eorlingas (Album Version)
Howard Shore

Soundtrack, Acoustic, Major Key & Melodious

Puppet On A String
Sandie Shaw

Jazz, Electric, Compact & Positive

Musical Features
Silver Machine (Original Single Version) [Live At the Roundhouse London] (1996 - Remaster)
Hawkwind & Hawkind

Pop, Electric, Energetic & Engaging

Musical Features
Isengard Unleashed (Album Version)
Howard Shore

Soundtrack, Instrumental, Harmonious & Mid-Tempo

Breath Of Life (Album Version)
Howard Shore

Soundtrack, Melodious, Acoustic & Harmonious

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