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The minds behind musicube

August 3rd, 2020

Many times, we were surprised by how difficult it is to find information about the evolution and the portfolio of different bands and artists. For example, we were longing for a convenient and easy way to find songs involving Dave Grohl: For one thing, of course, at his current position as singer and guitarist of the Foo Fighters – then again, as the drummer for Nirvana, Them Crooked Vultures and other bands he played for in the past. You know what? We couldn’t find any websites or tools to access all these songs Dave Grohl was involved in. Bingo – we had found our market niche! From there on, we pursued our goal to revolutionize the search for music and founded musicube. Our software improves search results from music streaming providers with the help of AI. Musicube makes artists, bands and their music more visible.

Our common passion for music has helped us greatly so far. Also, our joint interests for computer science and data analyses makes our work together easier. Both of us, Agnes and David, studied music and computer science. Yet, we only got to know each other when we were working for our last employer, the Hamburg-based company PHONONET. There, we gained plenty of valuable insights on music meta data and the music industry in general.

Building up your own company, however, is clearly something new and exciting for us. One of our main goals is to develop and maintain a pleasant work environment for our team. We aspire to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and can evolve.

Another goal is to contribute to improve musicians’ situation, as the consequences of COVID-19 hit many artists hard. As most concerts and festivals have been cancelled, one of the most important sources of income for musicians has not been available for months. With musicube we make music easier to discover and act as a channel for them to reach new recipients. Our latest partnership with Sony Music Germany, one of the three largest music corporations in Germany, is helping to make this vision a reality.