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Hi, I'm Jasha!

July 15th, 2021

Let’s get to know the faces behind musicube. Next is Jasha, one of our data analyst.

Jasha, what is your job at musicube?

As a data analyst, I work primarily on our AI. Together with the development team, I check that the metadata of our search is correct. I also make suggestions on how we can expand the scope of music information and how to identify keywords in the music.

What do you like most about working at musicube?

What I like most is that my job allows me to listen to so much different music. In this way I've been able to discover genres for myself that I otherwise wouldn't have been interested in, for example Country Rock or New Age. I also find it exciting to be able to work with other music enthusiasts and get to know other perspectives.

Tell us three fun facts about you that we would never have guessed:

  1. Actually I wanted to become a civil engineer. But my passion for music was greater than my passion for mathematics!
  2. I can speak almost every dialogue from Lord of the Rings. In the Extended Version.
  3. Although I listen to a lot of metal and rock today, I learned to play the saxophone as a child and was even in a big band.

Name a song…

Stay tuned, as time goes by we will introduce more and more colleagues from our great musicube team. In the meantime, you can listen to the songs Jasha mentioned in our Spotify playlist.