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Hi, I'm Giacomo!

July 5th, 2022

Let's get to know the faces behind musicube. Next is Giacomo, one of our data scientists.

Giacomo, what is your job at musicube?

Mostly I deal with Data Science, thus spending most of my time extracting and exploring valuable informations from different forms of musical data, from audios to lyrics, with the help of Machine Learning and Audio DSP methods; Auto-tagging in particular have been my challenge & delight for the last couple of years with musicube. Last but definitely not least, as part of a team, I spend quite some time discussing with the others which cool path to take next :)

What do you like most about working at musicube?

The Music! I’ve been working for all my career around it and science, couldn’t be more happy to keep on applying math to sounds :) But besides that what I found amazing about our family is how we managed to create and maintain a truly easygoing working environment focused on real world excellence, cheers to us!

Tell us three fun facts about you that we would never have guessed:

  1. My first concert was Sonic Youth at 13 years old: my dad accidentally brought me there, guess he regretted that for all my high school years.
  2. I am a radio amateur, found out to be a cheap way of travelling the world.
  3. At university, I used to be a roadie/sound engineer for bands, once in Netherland I brought the band to the wrong Groeningen (gps and smart phones were a mirage for a punk band at that time).

Name a song…

  • ...whose lyrics you know by heart. Fugazi - Furniture
  • ...that reminds you of your childhood or youth. Dinosaur jr - The Wagon
  • ...that gets you on the dance floor. Chemical Brothers - Another World
  • would take with you on a lonely island. Deerhunter - Death In Midsummer
  • ...that reminds you of a special moment. At the Drive-in - Transatlantic Foe

Stay tuned, as time goes by we will introduce more and more colleagues from the musicube team. In the meantime, you can listen to the songs mentioned so far in our Spotify playlist.