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Save time with AI as indie artist

May 19th, 2022

Last week we made an overview of metadata. We talked about how important it is and why we should take care of it.

If you had the chance to read the post, you probably understand metadata's importance at different levels. You might also understand that getting it ready before submitting a track is a must before letting your music surf freely on the internet waves.

Nonetheless, try to remember: how many times did you do your homework before releasing your track? And in case you did them: how much time did you spend figuring out what to put on each metadata box?

This is where AI comes in handy!

Artificial intelligence is a wonderful tool that can help you automatically fill up a significant amount of metadata information. Of course, if the track is a new release, you will need to input the title, authors, release date, and other artists' information by yourself.

Nonetheless, AI can automatically analyze your music and the added metadata and do a lot of work for you. For example, it could identify misspellings of writers’ names. It could also double-check if the ISRC and ISWC make sense. And, of course, it could objectively identify descriptive information and keywords to embed to get the music on the right ears. Playlist curators and listeners will love you, and people willing to license your music for commercial use will love you too.

Can you imagine getting most of the critical information about your track identified in seconds? If you want to start experiencing the power of AI for free, check musicube cloud. There you can get access to a beta version of our AI. The AI will analyze your tracks and provide potential tags and keywords to consider when sending your track to your distributor or filling up an editorial playlist consideration request. It will also allow you to get your music stored on the cloud and accessible from everywhere. Feel free to use it and make it part of your workflow. It is waiting for you!