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A year wrapped at musicube!

January 5th, 2022

This is the time to thank all of the people onboard of musicube, for their interest and for sharing with us. But stay tuned - there is still more to come in the new year! Dive into our review of this past year and join us in looking into the future.

What a blast!

One thing, above all else, is important to us: We want to do great things and be challenged in the process. And that's exactly what we've done. We've added new services, including helpful new features around our music search.

New search categories

We were pleased to announce the update of our music search. Twenty-five new categories, all based on musicology, and over 600 tags, including moods, instruments, contributors, and much more. That's far more than our competitors have. And it makes finding the right song even easier. For example, publishers can use musicube's data to reach even more users.

Create your own playlist

We always knew that there was so much great hidden information about a song, and now we have finally made it visible with our new Recording Search. Create your own playlist and share it with your customers.

Great leap: Similarity search

We've taken another big step in our search! You can now search for music that is similar to an artist and then continue searching with our semantic search filters. This way, you can find the right songs for your business needs.


Are there songs for which no metadata exists? Do you need keywords to upload songs to Spotify? Well, we offer a quick solution for this with our auto-tagging. You will receive results immediately - it only takes three seconds per song. Login and try it yourself.

What will come?

Another thing that differentiates musicube is that we don't stand still. That's why we have a many plans for 2022. Here are two of them:

Next step similarity search

Our beta is already a good starting point for future developments. Currently, we have a "peer group" similarity, much like what streaming services deploy. But, we will experiment with similarity based on musical features.

More music markets

We believe that our search approach meets so many other needs. This is why we are expanding to new markets, with the U.S. as a first step. Here we already have great contacts and we look forward to further expansions worldwide. We thank all of our great supporting partners for this progress.

Stay tuned for what will come in 2022!