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Good music deserves to be found. So, we founded musicube.

March 14th, 2020

Have you ever wanted to listen to a specific kind of music, but could not think of a suitable band, or the right song straightaway? Exactly, we felt the same! Our solution: musicube proposes you the music you want to listen to, depending on your desired song tempo, genre, time period and other attributes. Tell musicube how you’re feeling, and the right playlist for your mood will be ready to cheer you up, or put you to sleep, depending on your mood.

We believe that musicube can improve the way you are listening to music. Especially how you search and find new music you’ll love. Just feed our browser-based search engine with features that fit your vibe. You’re longing for positive, piano songs from Mozart? You got it! Or how about some calm songs from Judas Priest (do those even exist?)? Well, just try it out!

We collect data from the world's most professional sources and retrieve new metadata using AI. By this, we recognize connections and let you find new music faster. Because you deserve to find good music.

We also provide B2B customers with search functions and extended metadata. Our goal: To enable them to offer their customers an improved User Experience.

We’d be more than happy to receive feedback from you trying out musicube. It’s free! Just visit our website: Let us take you on an exciting journey and together we’ll explore the world of good music!

A partner that is already accompanying us is Deutsche Telekom. We are proud to be part of Deutsche Telekom’s TechBoost program that supports innovative cloud-based startups. Learn more about the program, what it offers and how you can apply, here.