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Four things you should consider about disruptive technologies.

February 1st, 2022

Disruptive technologies are a hot topic. They are fresh, innovative and smart, and connected to a science fiction future we can´t believe is already here. In the stock market, disruptive technologies are linked to high risks with skyrocketing benefit potentials. They are game changers. But: How can we predict how good they would be? How can we embrace them if we don’t fully understand them?

If you, like us, are into the music industry, you have probably heard several times how much disruptive technologies are meant to revolutionize our ”tiny” music world. You have probably looked further into them, and you might have felt unease and slightly (or fully!) out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve been there, we feel you! But you are in luck, because we are extremely passionate about music and the music industry… and we are enthusiasts of tech. In this article we have lined up four things, based in science, history and experience, we think you should know about the disruptive technologies, that might (hopefully!), ease your way in.

Are you ready?

1) Disruptive technologies have always been around… and you are already a skillful user!

“Disruptive Technology” is just a term to engulf a set of innovative tools that offers a new approach to solve an old problem. They are based in new paradigms that revolutionize the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. For these reasons they often end up sweeping away the systems or habits they are meant to replace, and they create huge niches of opportunity for new markets.

We now live in the world of AI, Blockchain, BigData and The Internet of Things, but the internet, the GPS satellites, the digital encoders… those were also disruptive technologies once. The printing press, invented in 1440 was also a disruptive technology, and so was the agriculture… 10,000 years ago! Do you remember when the internet came out? Wasn´t it strange for you to start using it and relying on it? Didn´t you feel uncomfortable wondering if the e-mail you just sent was actually going to arrive anywhere at all? But we just ended up, sooner or later, opening up to it and experiencing its advantages and, now, it´s like a second nature to us.

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain… they might sound intimidating, but they are all here to stay, and they offer us alternatives and highly efficient ways of working, and it´s better not to be afraid, play around, discover and lear

2) They are a turning point, and there’s normally no way back, no matter how much you resist.

Some industries are highly dependent on technology, and they are fully optimized to particular technology-based workflows. Music Industry for example, achieved its golden age on the physically recorded music world. All its systems and processes, even part of its technical vocabulary (mechanical royalties!) have their fundaments on the business of the physical records.

When the digital files were born, in the shape of mp3s, the Music Industry had a hard time figuring out how to adapt to the new paradigm. Some of the big names fought against the regularization of the new system as much as they could. They thought that banning it would stop the wave. On the other hand, some artists and businessmen realized soon, that this technology was unstoppable, and tried to learn and take advantage of it as soon as possible. Big manufacturers understood that in this new world, the content (music) was going to be split apart from the physical medium, and made their move. A great example was Philips, that very soon decided to sell Polygram, their former record label.

The early adopters, the ones that embraced the new technology and tried to learn and grow with it, were the ones who took the greatest advantage, and positioned themselves on the ever-evolving markets. Why to resist to the future? Why not to start getting familiar with it as soon as possible? It will catch us anyways!

3) They are born from real needs, and they are meant to provide a huge help & improvement.

When we start talking about disruptive technologies, in our BigData based world, the moral and ethical concerns normally come up pretty soon. A new, powerful technology such as the AI or the Blockchain comes with a responsibility. They bring up intellectual discussion, trigger changes in laws and regulations, and make us redefine concepts. They bring up a lot of questions, that, in the first moments, are unresolved.

Thus, it is natural to face fears, and lack confidence in disruptive technologies when they come out. Nonetheless, it is also important to remember that, in all the cases, they are the product of flesh and blood human beings, that are figuring out smarter, faster and more efficient ways of resolving a problem.

For example, musicube’s AI engine, is a product of the hard work of a team of professionals that turned their love for music and technology on a project aimed to help out other music industry professionals and music lovers, to make their life easier in tasks they perform day to day. Our main premise is that, no matter where it comes from, good music deserves to be found and enjoyed. We work every day in perfecting more and more our AI to make it outperform on its task of unveiling amazing tracks and putting them on the ears of who needs them the most. That´s far from a plan to rule the world, isn´t it?

So, it is normal to feel a bit afraid, but we should try to overcome those fears. There are so many great things to win. The more we use and understand these new technologies, the more we can keep their potential drawbacks under control and the more we can take advantage of their bright potential and power.

4) They are actually fun and extremely exciting… just give them a chance!

It is all about getting started. Once you get familiar with them you will start feeling comfortable and confident about using them and relying on their power.

Do you want to start playing around with a disruptive technology today? We have a fun activity for you to try!

As we said before, musicube’s main drive is getting awesome music to be found and reach who needs it the most. Besides our tagging services for catalogues, to get the tracks properly annotated and reachable (more about this on a following post), we have developed a music search tool, based on our AI engine. This tool allows you to set up the mood of the music you want to listen to, and in no time, search among a huge catalogue of songs (we’ve just reached 49 million!!!), and generate a playlist of tracks matching those characteristics.

You might feel unimpressed, because you have probably tried playlisting before using Spotify or Youtube’s suggestions. But you can train music AI’s taking into account different aspects of the songs, just as we did at musicube. That is part of their power… and the fun!

One big difference is that Spotify and Youtube algorithms take into account aspects such as listenership and streaming numbers, that we don’t use to train musicube’s AI. Thus, our generator will bring up tracks that Spotify and Youtube would have probably never suggested. For this reason, through this experiment you increase your chances of discovering unexpected music to love… and amazing artists to follow! How does it sound?

Let’s stop talking and start playing! Would you like to discover energetic female lead tracks? Or some chill, mysterious folk? Just play around… and enjoy!

And, let us know how did it go and how we could improve our system. We are continuously working on improving, and we’d love to hear from you. You can find the feedback survey on the bottom of this page.