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Experiencing musicube cloud

August 2nd, 2022

Last week we introduced to the world our musicube cloud, a web-based song-catalog storage system that incorporates search, auto-tagging, and custom-tagging functions, that allows you to use musicube's artificial intelligence to analyze & store up to 10K tracks... FOR FREE!

We have asked some of our users how our musiubce cloud is helping them with their daily musical works. This week, Felix Hoffmann from Hush Hush tells us about his experience in this mini-interview!

Felix, tell us a bit about yourself and Hush Hush.

My name is Felix Hoffmann. I'm a musician, composer, and producer. At Hush Hush we make music for moving images (commercials, documentaries, feature films, and image films) from composition to finished recording. We also always have artists here with whom we write songs and/or produce their songs.

What is your daily challenge in the music business?

Our task starts with researching suitable music, so we can get an idea of in which direction the music to be composed goes. After that, we usually compose different layouts, finish recording them after tuning them with real instruments (drums, vocals, strings, etc.), and finally, we mix and master them.

How has musicube cloud been helping with these challenges?

We are currently still in the middle of the process. On the one hand, musicube cloud help us find moods of suitable music. On the other hand, musicube is currently helping us to find our way around our existing music tracks.

Thank you, Felix! We are hoping to help more and more artists & other music industry professionals in their jobs, through musicube cloud.

In the following weeks, we will talk about different features of musicube cloud; you will be surprised! In the meantime, start experiencing it by yourself on our website, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance! We are always happy to help!

If you want to know more about musicube cloud, check our blog review and our press release.