Experiencing musicube cloud

Felix Hoffmann from Hush Hush tells us about his experience with musicube cloud in this mini-interview!

All the power of AI with musicube cloud

Introducing musicube's cloud - Online catalog-searching & tagging tool assisted by artificial intelligence

Hi, I'm Giacomo!

Let's get to know the faces behind musicube. Next is Giacomo, one of our data scientists.

Press release - musicube acquired by Songtradr

Songtradr expands its B2B music technology solutions - acquires leading advanced AI search company, musicube.

AI as the ultimate democratizing tool

In our last part we'll consider how AI could be used to democratize the process of music discovery.

Save time with AI as indie artist

In our second part we will show you how to save time with the help of AI.

How can AI help independent artists?

AI seems to be everywhere. In our first part, we'll show you how you, as an independent artist, can take advantage of the best AI has to offer.

Music Supervisors and AI - a relationship made to last

Hours of music listening & search on your back. Entry folders. Non-stop-beeping. Sound familiar? Here's our text on the benefits of AI for music supervisors.

Hi, I'm Agnes!

Let's get to know the faces behind musicube. After a long break, today it's Agnes' turn, co-founder of musicube.

Complex musical features

In our last post about categories, we will be talking about complex musical features our AI can identify.

Who is the singer?

As humans, we don't have the best hearing system in the animal realm. But what about musicube's AI?

The importance of rhythm

Rhythm is one of the backbones of a musical composition. Here is what our AI finds out.

How does it sound?

In the following posts, we will be talking about musicube’s AI. We want to share with you the type of tasks and concepts our engine is being trained for.

AI for dummies

Artificial intelligence has been all over the place...

A year wrapped at musicube!

It's been quite a year. We have experienced so many great, exciting and new things. We owe this year's progress not only to our great team, but also to our partners.

Press Release - musicube launches new portal for music analysis

Auto-Tagging Enables Rapid Delivery of Musical Feature Information; Playlist-Pitch Prediction, Data Enrichment and Deep Search Available

Press Release - musicube secures funding for innovative music AI solutions

German Business Angels Invest in Next-Generation. Music Discovery Technology; musicube to Expand Into U.S. Market

Hi, I'm Hannes!

Let’s get to know the faces behind musicube. Next is Hannes, Web Application Developer of musicube.

How to find the right playlist?

Streaming has become an essential part of the way we listen to music. But how do I find the right playlist that best suits my song?

Hi, I'm Jasha!

Let's get to know the faces behind musicube. Next is Jasha, one of our data analyst.

More data depth for Budde Music

In our discussions with potential customers, we realise how important individual solutions are to simplify the work of labels and music publishers with their data. We are very happy that we have found a solution with Budde Music.

Hi, I'm David!

Let’s get to know the faces behind musicube. Next is David, founder of musicube.

Hi, I'm Maria!

Let’s get to know the faces behind musicube. First up is Maria, former musicube-intern and student of systematic musicology in Hamburg.

The minds behind musicube

Both of us, Agnes and David, are crazy about music. How does musicube help us find the right songs?

How musicube helps Sony Music Germany with a catalog of +800k songs

Gaining Sony Music Germany as one of our first customers is huge for a young startup like musicube. Watch out for news from their unit Data.Insight:Solutions.

musicube is part of the Media Lift by nextMedia.­Hamburg. Get to know the program.

We are thrilled to announce that we are part of Batch 2 of the Media Lift Incubator program by nextMedia.Hamburg. The Incubator program is Hamburg’s regional initiative for media innovation in the area of content and technology.

Good music deserves to be found. So, we founded musicube.

Have you ever wanted to listen to a specific kind of music, but could not think of a suitable band, or the right song straightaway? Exactly, we felt the same! Our solution: musicube proposes you the music you want to listen to, depending on your desired song tempo, genre, time period and other attributes. Tell musicube how you’re feeling, and the right playlist for your mood will be ready to cheer you up, or put you to sleep, depending on your mood.