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That is why musicube enables music related services to deliver
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With musicube's AI, you can crash music filter bubbles and deliver your customers a better service.

Streaming Services
Let users find music without human editorial work. Rely on advanced findings about musical content and the mobilization of widely distributed data.

Get insights into hidden patterns of your repertoire. Derive concrete tasks for A&R and marketing from what musicube has learned about your catalog.

Music professionals
Benefit from normalized data about releases, tracks and artists. Find songs with certain tempo, key, mood, instrumentation and contributors.

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Fast and elaborate search functions via APIs

We collect data from the world's most professional sources and retrieve new metadata using AI.
By this, we recognize connections and let users find new music faster.

Over 8 million contributors
List all songs a person has contributed to. Filter for moods, biographic data, genre, collaborations or other criteria.

More than 3 million datasets on moods and musical features
Find sad, happy, aggressive or dreamy songs. Find fast or slow, minimal or bombast songs. Filter them by genre, artist, time period et cetera.
History of over 43 million recordings
Deep learnings from historic release data beyond the digital market. We match high quality metadata from today with legacy catalogs. Our AI Algorithms learn, what has worked when and where to draw conclusions about the future.

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