Good music deserves to be found.

musicube revolutionizes music discovery. Our AI tags music in 22 different categories and takes only 3 seconds per song. We have built a database of more than 50 million songs and with our semantic search, you can find music by moods, musical features and much more.

Rights owners become discoverable, creators get inspired and listeners will be excited.

Free music hosting

Use musicube cloud to organize your music catalog. With the power of our AI, your songs will be tagged automatically. Find the right song in no time using more than 20 music categories.

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It's a kind of magic

musicube uses neural networks and a lot of musicology background.
With musicube's deep data and semantic search, music services and rights owners can win the race for listener's time.

Our services

We help you with automatic tagging of your songs and offer you customized search solutions. To make your catalogue searchable, you can choose between easy-to-install widgets or a customizable API.

Make your music discoverable.

Don't waste time, let us help you get high quality metadata automatically.

  • With our widgets you can show deep data on your website with only one line of code.
  • Tired of manual tagging? Upload your audio files and let us add the metadata.
  • Harness data we generated for millions of songs for your individual use-case using our API.

Find the right songs

With musicube's semantic music search, you as a music service provider can offer your listeners a new dimension for music search.

Let them search for any parameters and they will find their perfect song. From relaxed acoustic jazz with female vocals to groovy songs by Ed Sheeran.

musicube insights

Our vision is to make every artist discoverable and bring new and special music into everybody's life. That is what we are burning for...

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